This is documentation for Flapjack version 0.9: If you're looking for version 1.0 documentation, click here.


  • The quickstart guide shows you how to get Flapjack running in a VM locally using Vagrant and VirtualBox, and teaches you the basics of working with Flapjack.
  • The FAQ covers common questions asked about Flapjack, and pointers to other resources.
  • The JSONAPI documentation covers the API for working with Flapjack data.
  • The wiki has many guides and in-depth documentation, including how to debug and develop Flapjack.


Finding signal in the monitoring noise with Flapjack by Lindsay Holmwood & Jesse Reynolds, from 2014:

Data driven alerting with Flapjack + Puppet + Hiera at Puppetcamp Sydney 2014: