This is documentation for Flapjack version 2.x: If you're looking for version 1.0 documentation, click here.

Configuring the JSONAPI gateway

The Flapjack JSONAPI gateway provides an HTTP API adhering fairly as closely as possible the JSONAPI v1.0 specification, and also to the Swagger 1.2 documentation format.

Config Options


Config Synopsis Description
enabled yes/no Enable this gateway?
port Integer The TCP port to listen on
timeout Integer Read timeout in seconds
access_log String Path to the access log (log of all http requests)
base_url String The main URL of this service, eg http://flapjack-api.example/
logger/level FATAL/ERROR/WARN/INFO/DEBUG The logging verbosity of the gateway. Set to DEBUG, reload flapjack, and consult flapjack.log if you’re having trouble.
logger/syslog_errors yes/no Send logging messages at ERROR or FATAL to the syslog