This is documentation for Flapjack version 2.x: If you're looking for version 1.0 documentation, click here.

Configuring the Pagerduty gateway

Pagerduty is a provider of alert delivery via SMS, phone calls, and push notifications. They also provide escalation and oncall rotation scheduling. Flapjack’s Pagerduty gateway is bidirectional, in that it:

  • sends alerts to pagerduty
  • receives acknowledgements from pagerduty

Currently Flapjack polls Pagerduty for acknowledgements. A webhook listener may be added to the Flapjack Pagerduty gateway in the future.

The Flapjack Pagerduty gateway does not support rollup, given Pagerduty itself supports rollup.

Config Options


Config Synopsis Description
pagerduty_queue String The name of the queue to use for sending messages to the pagerduty gateway


Config Synopsis Description
enabled yes/no Enable this gateway?
queue String The queue name to listen on. Must match the ‘pagerduty_queue’ defined in the notitifier.
logger/level FATAL/ERROR/WARN/INFO/DEBUG The logging verbosity of the gateway. Set to DEBUG, reload flapjack, and consult flapjack.log if you’re having trouble.
logger/syslog_errors yes/no Send logging messages at ERROR or FATAL to the syslog
templates/alert.text String Path to a custom template for alerts about individual checks. Must be an ERB file. See the default

Contact Media Setup

Typically you’ll only need one contact in Flapjack that has a Pagerduty medium configured. However you can have multiple media, if you have several organisations in Pagerduty you wish to create incidents for.

The medium takes several parameters as follows:

Name Description
pagerduty_service_key (string) the API key for PagerDuty’s integration API, corresponds to a ‘service’ within this contact’s PagerDuty account
pagerduty_subdomain (string) the subdomain for this contact’s PagerDuty account, eg “foobar” in the case of
pagerduty_token (string) the API token for the PagerDuty REST API for reading data back out of PagerDuty

You’ll need to use the api to do manage. See the jsonapi reference for details.