This is documentation for Flapjack version 2.x: If you're looking for version 1.0 documentation, click here.

Configuring the SMS_Twilio gateway

Twilio is a provider of SMS and voice communications with a rich API. This gateway only makes use of one way SMS sending. It should work to most countries in the world, and has been tested with US and Australian mobile numbers.

Config Options


Config Synopsis Description
sms_twilio_queue String The name of the queue to use for sending messages to the sms_twilio gateway


Config Synopsis Description
enabled yes/no Enable this gateway?
queue String The queue name to listen on. Must match the ‘sms_twilio_queue’ defined in the notitifier.
account_sid String The Account SID of your Twilio account
auth_token String The authentication token for your Twilio Account
from String The number to send SMS messages from. You must have this number configured in your Twilio account.
logger/level FATAL/ERROR/WARN/INFO/DEBUG The logging verbosity of the gateway. Set to DEBUG, reload flapjack, and consult flapjack.log if you’re having trouble.
logger/syslog_errors yes/no Send logging messages at ERROR or FATAL to the syslog
templates/alert.text String Path to a custom template for alerts about individual checks. Must ben an ERB file. See the default
templates/rollup.text String Path to a custom template for rollup alerts. Must be an ERB file. See the default.