This is documentation for Flapjack version 2.x: If you're looking for version 1.0 documentation, click here.


Live demo website:

  • Integrate with Jabber (GTalk?)
  • Send emails
  • Add some default data

Vagrant box:

  • Uses omnibus-produced package

A comparison matrix:

  • List different monitoring systems
  • Help people compare Flapjack to other existing tools
  • Include this on the Flapjack website
  • Put a Venn diagram explaining the overlap of features

Draft comparison matrix

Feature Flapjack Nagios
Talk to jabber y y (via plugin)
Talk to PagerDuty y y (via plugin)
Escalations n y
Time of day notifications y y
API for managing contacts y n
API for scheduling maintenance y n
On-the-fly config changes y (review v2) n
Parenting n y
Executes checks n y
Accepts arbitrary check results y n
Out-of-band verification y n
Freshness checks n y
Muted notifications for new checks y y
License MIT GPLv2
Horizontally scalable y n
State storage backend Redis Flat file
Web interface y y
Edit configuration via web interface n n
Live search n y